Dark Mofo


-When the darkest time of our year is upon us, the city of Hobart transforms into an immersive celebration of our longest nights and our shortest days. 

The city is littered with red lights and art drips from the buildings and oozes onto the frosted tarmac.

Winter had just settled into clouds of vapour and deciduous conifers. We travelled to the most southern part of our country during this settlement.

Our sturdy palms knocked on local doors in hope to exchange garden maintenance in return for our chosen medium.

We made sure to leave the rubbish & weed riddled highways better than we found them.

When we were made aware of the weeds that threaten the integrity of the natural environment, we decided to utilise these vicious angels for our first DARK MOFO design.

In the garage of our 1800’s air bnb we proceeded to paint our found botanicals.

The foliages of the red forest came alive.

Everything was in order for the Odeon Theatre.

Our unique selection of botanicals were to be the entrance of this particular Night Mass venue.


Our medium is always dying. We work with the perishable.

Over the month of June, our design curled.

And dried, and coiled.

Over the course of Dark Mofo “The Red Forest” slowly disintegrated above the heads of patrons. As the process of its life to death was unveiled.

We were lucky enough to bring down Rhys Newling and Henry King to assist us with our project. 

Being all members of Stay Soft Studio, this marked our first interstate collaborative studio trip. 

Rhys projected abstract visuals on our piece when the sun set and completed the installation. While Henry documented our process. The trip would not have been possible without them. 

Winter settled and Dark Mofo had begun to be adequately flossed.